Introducing The New Belt Tracking

For background, SimpleGym’s Belt Tracking feature automatically tracks a gym’s members belt achievement, belt sizes, and belt upgrade eligibility and provides that information in simple reports. This enables gym owners to know instantly things like: How many of my students are eligible for a belt upgrade? What belt inventory will I need for an upcoming belt ceremony?, and more.

Now Fully Customizable

  • Enter Custom Belt Upgrade Dates: You can now individually set the “Next Belt Upgrade” days for an individual gym member.
  • Enter Custom Belt History: You can now manually set the “Last Belt Upgrade Date” for an individual gym member.
  • Create Custom Belts: Add Custom belts, and set unique belt achievement requirements for your gym.
  • Create Custom Belt Progressions: Drag and drop belts to rearrange the order of existing and custom belts to match your gym’s preferred belt progression.
  • Add Belt Sizes: You can now add belt sizes to member profiles and they’ll automatically be added to your gym’s belt tracking reports, enabling you to know what belt inventory you will need for an upcoming belt ceremony.

“At SimpleGym, we focus on creating software that is extremely simple to use. But we also want to give gym owners the ability to tailor it to their gym's unique approach.
In this latest update to our Belt Tracking feature, we're able to keep administration and reporting simple, while also giving gym owners the ability to customize Belt Tracking to suit their specific gym.”

Rich McIver, SimpleGym Director of Operations

Customizable... But Still Simple and Affordable