Martial Arts Gym Management Software

All growing gyms run into the same problems… Owners buried in spreadsheets, paperwork everywhere, and billing problems. The good news? SimpleGym solves them, and gets you, the owner, out from behind the desk, and out on the mats coaching.

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Martial Arts gyms use SimpleGym for time-saving features like these...
Automated Liability Waivers

Protect your gym, and never worry about whether you’ve missed a liability waiver, or whether you’ll be able to find it, if an incident occurs. 

Every new member signs a liability waiver before their first check-in, and SimpleGym stores the records for you. All automatically. 

Payments Made Easy

Never think about time consuming spreadsheets, or manually collecting payments at the end of the month again. Automate everything securely, and painlessly. 

Easy One-Page ‘State of the Gym’ Reporting

Know what your most popular class-times are, which members haven’t shown up for a while, who’s credit card got declined, and whether your gym is growing or shrinking, all from a one-page easy to understand reporting dashboard. 

Simplified Plan Management

Pick a student’s membership plan, and never think about payments again. Credit card billing is automatic, and if a student changes plans, their payments adjust automatically. And all your charges import to your gym’s Quickbooks daily.


And more…

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About SimpleGym

Martial arts gyms across the country, from new jiu-jitsu muay thai or MMA startups to multi-location karate, taekwondo or krav maga franchises, are switching to SimpleGym’s gym management software to sign up and manage members, simplify paperwork, handle class check-ins, track gym growth, and handle member payments. SimpleGym does it all – simply, affordably, and consistently.

Designed by a BJJ black belt and martial arts purple belt, SimpleGym was built from the ground up to be a simple solution for gym owners that want to focus on teaching and growing their business, rather than managing administration.

SimpleGym makes gym management and payments simple.

Pricing that actually scales with your gym.
Start at FREE and move up as your gym grows.

SimpleGym is FREE for gyms under 50 members.

Or just $20/month above that.

With SimpleGym You Get:

  • Attendance Check-In & Tracking
  • Member Liability Waivers
  • Member Management
  • POS & eCommerce Payments
  • Automatic Payments
  • Multiple Member Plan Support
  • Reporting
  • QuickBooks Export
  • No Onboarding Required
  • 24hr Customer Support
  • Free Data Import
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Save hundreds each month with SimpleGym.

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51+ Members: $20/mo

  • Save Time
  • Save Money
  • Simplify Administration
  • Grow Your Business
  • Professionalize Your Gym



Essent.: $129/mo.


Spons.: $175/mo.

MA on Rails

Medium: $90/mo.


Basic: $117/mo.


Medium: $99/mo.

Spend time leading classes, let SimpleGym handle the rest.

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